Our Programs

At New Dawn, we offer Mentorship programs from ages 6 years to 19 years guided by Luke 2:52 to equip, model and inculcate godly principles.

NGUZO works with 6-8 year olds out of being the centre of their world by teaching them biblical values such as kindness, compassion and goodness among others. ….Read More

TUNZWA builds critical foundations for Pre-teens in their understanding of Biblical Sexuality, Friendship and Service to the Community. Seven same sex participants are mentored together to create a supportive peer pressure group. ….Read More

ANGAZA supports the discovery of the Teens’ passion and vision as well as develop safe social intimacy while learning in a challenging but fun fifilled environment. This program works with Teens in groups of up to 15 male and or female participants on a regular monthly basis or holiday based for those in boarding schools. ….Read More

IMARISHA MLINZI provides the New Dawn Mentorship Facilitator a mentorship context as well as a like-minded community. The peculiar needs of the New Dawn Facilitators are met in group settings where linkages are created to support the individual deliver good service. ….Read More

ZINDUA MZAZI assists New Dawn Mentorship Parents to ensure that their children apply the lessons they have been taught. It is however available to any other parent to assist them become increasingly intentional in their parenting. ….Read More

For more information on our current programs call us on +254 721 711 384