Anchor Teens in Godly Principles

Helping teens channel their energies in the right courses

Program description

It is a value based training sequence for young adults using relevant and practical techniques to achieve its mandate.

Who benefits?

This program focuses on pre-teens and teens from within the community as well the neighboring locations

The aim of this program

The program focuses on a transformation curve for those who enroll by and uses Bible teachings to reinforce its goal.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to Coach and Mentor teens in a fun environment with a view of guiding them in their transition into adulthood.


Our Vision

Partnering with stakeholders to equip teenagers with biblical principles as we mentor and instruct them in a fun environment.


We impart positive values

  • Selfness
  • Acountability
  • whole some relationships

We help teens

  • Channel their energies in the right courses
  • Improve their decision-making
  • An opportunity for experiential learning.

The Bible is our guide

  • Godly principles
  • The right courses
  • Accountability along life’s journey.

Envisioned, Empowered, Equipped Teenagers